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Treehousehotels in the Americas



Ariaú Amazon Towers Hotel

This big resort is located at the Rio Negro, 35 miles northwest of Manaus. With over 6 miles of canopy walkways, Ariaú offers visitors a unique opportunity to get in touch with the regions abundant flora and fauna. 




Nothofagus Hotel & Spa

Located in the Huilo-Huilo Reserve, this resort offers various treehouses and a seven-story wooden house. Beautiful surroundings and outstanding architecture.


Costa Rica:


Costa Rica B&B

Seven different treehouses belong to this upcountry rainforest Bed & Breakfast. A waterfall, a river and small dipping pools invite visitors to take a bath. Nice for birdwatching!


Finca Bellavista

Ten treehouses in the middle of lush rainforest, close to the southcoast of the country. Connected with bridges and zip-lines. You can not only rent, but also buy and become part of the sustainable community.


Nature Observatorio

This ecological treehouse observatory 70 feet high up also offers overnight stay. Two stories including bathroom and sleeping-loft are available. Accessible via climbing ropes or solar powered winch.


Topo’s Treehouse

Only 300 feet away from the beach, this treehousehotel is located in the northwestern part of the country. Two levels offering space for up to four guests. Open air shower.


Tree House Lodge

A suspension bridge leads to this treehouse, which is part of a little resort at the carribean sea.


Lapa’s Nest

Six-story treehouse in the middle of the jungle in a Guanacaste-tree, the national tree of Costa Rica. 10 minutes to the next beach.




Free Spirit Spheres

Three of these Spheres are hanging in the woods of Vancouver Island and gently rock their guests to sleep. Just about half a mile away from the beach.


Les Refuges Perchés

Ten different treehouses close to a lake in the woods northwest of Montreal.




Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica

90 feet high above the ground this treehouse floats in the rainforest of southern Peru. On a treetop walkway you can stroll through the jungle on eye-level with birds and monkeys.


Treehouse Lodge

Very remote at the Yarapa River. Eight different treehouses, connected to the main lodge via canopy walkways and suspension bridges.



Puerto Rico:


Tropical Treehouse

Three airy treehouses between palm trees on the hills of Rincon. In walking distance to the beautiful beach. 




Cedar Creek Treehouse

This treehouse 55 feet up in the air offers a fantastic view over the woods at the foot of Mt. Rainier, WA. Privately owned Bed & Breakfast with canopy walkway and observatory.


Edisto River Refuge

Three treehouses at the banks of Edisto River, SC. Access by boat only, for those seeking quietness!



Treehouse with seaview at the Hawaiian eastcoast. Privately owned.


Out’n About Treehouse Treesort

The treehouse resort of Michael Garnier, an important man in the history of treehouse building. Offers many venturesome attractions in southern Oregon. Great atmosphere!


Post Ranch Inn

Here, in Big Sur, California,  you can sit on the terrace of your treehouse and look down on the ocean. Quite special.


River Of Life Farm

This treehouse sleeps up to six guests at the banks of a river in Missouri. Fly fishing galore!


Treebones Resort Big Sur

Only for starry nights with oceanview. Apart from this nest 16 yurts and a little campground are available. A restaurant and open air hot tubs, also with oceanview, top it off. Operated by a very nice family.



World-famous Pete Nelsons treehousehotel in Fall City, WA. At the banks of the Raging River six stunning treehouses are available in a magical old-growth forest. His wive is the best chef ever!


Vertical Horizons B&B

Three individual treehouses in Southern Oregon on a beautiful property. 


Winvian Litchfield Hills

Big two-level treehouse, well equipped. Part of an exclusive, yet individual resort in Connecticut.






Hanalani Treehouses

Six wild, colourful treehouses close to the beach on Maui. 


Hawaiian Volcano Treehouse

Two treehouses 20 feet up in the air with fantastic view and canopy walkway.



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