Summer keeps you warm in winter

As the sub-zero temperatures bite our toes, we warm up with memories of summer. Crickets are chirping, mosquitoes are flying lower. Two canoes cut through the humid summer air over the river.

Attached to the wooden pier, the pot-bellied pig Samantha greets the disembarking party guests with a friendly grunt. They follow her in the golden glow of torches, lanterns and fireplace.

At the end the highlight appears, the center of the party up at four meters height: A treehouse platform climbs elegantly into the air on an ash tree. Upstairs someone waves from the hammock, the relaxed host leans on the tree trunk.

Friends let their legs and soul dangle from the edge of the platform, engaged in conversation. You enjoy the view of the hustle and bustle: people dance, enjoy and laugh between the platform, circus wagon and tiny house. In the distance, the miniature pony onlookers from the farm next door are neighing. At the end the toes are warm, even roasted a little on low flame?

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