Treecastle in Moyland

Frida runs, Grandpa Finn dashes behind. Today is no ordinary day at Moyland Castle Park. Curious little Frida and Finn stick their noses up. They smell wild, spicy adventure air. Clearly. Before their eyes, an ancient beech forest reveals its secret. A spiral staircase winds sweepingly around a beech tree. Where does it lead? The enthusiastic eyes are followed by rapid steps towards the sky. Tripple trapple*. TRIP TRAP**. At the other end of the platform, an 8m long footbridge stretches to a tree castle of majestic size.*** They catch their breath for a moment, then they continue. There is so much to explore.

Four towers stretch into the air, connected by walkable battlements. Finn pauses, discovers similarities to the old moated castle “The neo-Gothic shape … the tower roof … the wooden coat of arms …”. But Frida wants to continue: “Look, a climbing tower!”. Frida scrambles while grandpa admires the large platform between the towers “I hope there will also be events hold here?”. From the tower windows, the two can not only see Moyland Castle, but also watch nutrias and wild geese frolicking about.

Now the little girl leads grandpa over the 19m long suspension bridge. It swings up and down adventurously. “Grandpa, are you brave?” Frida asks at the end of the bridge. “Of course!” says Finn, but Frida is faster. She’s already whizzing down the 50m long zip line. Just arrived at the bottom, she immediately yells “And now again! Yes, grandpa?” Frida rushes, grandpa Finn dashes behind.


**Grandpa Finn

***Our largest project to date: 160 sqm on two levels



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