Herald of spring: a treehouse

The spring chirps, warbles and crows while we saw, hammer and drill. In the middle of a large, lovingly landscaped garden with a swimming pond, our first herald of spring takes its roots: at the foot of a bald cypress we have planted a tree house seed in the ground in finest sunlight.


Heavy March rain ensured rapid growth and wet feet. A spiral staircase now winds its way around the tall tree up to a small platform. From there, like a butterfly caterpillar, it strikes its suspension bridge-body at a height of 18 feet and a length of 43 feet over to the hazel tree. There, the large platform unfolds, where you not only have a wonderful view of the spring activity in the pond and the multi-generational house, but also enjoy the wide view over the fields behind the property.


In the crown of the hazel, the treehouse unfolds to the point of flowering. Inside, the client has set up a small refuge with a table, chair and sofa bed. Two bird boxes on the left and right of the treehouse will allow you to enjoy the birdsong in stereo in the future. An alternative descent is also being planned: a zip-line, great for whizzing across the pond like a rabbit in March.

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