Laura Mustard, Treehouse EP out now!

Today we’d like to introduce you to the wonderful Laura Mustard. She is a Nashville-based folk/pop independent artist and her EP Treehouse was just released in September 2020. The music video for the title track begins with the lyrics, “we’ll run away like we’re little kids” and tells the story of a couple that keeps returning to their treehouse throughout the years. The track features an actual tin-can phone as a throwback to childhood nostalgia that shows up in a round during the final chorus.


When asked how the song came about, Laura Mustard shared, “This song sparked the whole EP project! I was writing with my friend Laura Hurliman when I threw out the title idea of ‘Treehouse,’ and we just ran with it. It’s such an important song for me as a writer since this song took about seven months and several revisions before it ended up in its final form. The ‘treehouse’ imagery that I had in my head for videos and album art just spoke to the childlike and mischievous part of my personality so well that I wanted to make the song the best that it could be.”


While discussing the lyrics of this song, Laura Mustard says, “in a way, this song fulfills my life-long desire to live in a treehouse.” It is a fantasy within a song that talks about getting away from “alarm clocks and to-do lists and red lights” by “settling down up in our treehouse.” The song starts off with a melodic vocal hook that will get stuck in your head for days. The bridge of “Treehouse” takes an unexpected musical turn that builds tension through a chromatic walk up until it finally releases into a triumphant round with that tin-can phone and the melodic vocal hook echoing off of each other. “Treehouse” will bring you back to carefree summer days of climbing trees.


We love to see how treehouses keep inspiring people and specifically Laura Mustard to do her lovely song about one and what a treehouse means to her. Let’s hope all our treehouses and relationships last as long as the ones in the video!


And by the way, It’s actually a real treehouse the video was filmed in. You can rent it on AirBnB, it’s called the Luna Loft Treehouse of Treetop Hideaways in Flintstone, GA. Check it out.


Here you can visit her website, listen to her song,watch the music video on youtube and follow her on Facebook or Instagram.


Laura Mustard Treehouse EP Album Cover

Laura Mustard

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