FAQ #9 – Infos all around the treehouse

„Tell me, what are you doing for a living?“
„I build treehouses“
„Whaaaat, really?“


This answer always evokes various reactions. The multifaceted spectrum ranges from pure excitement „I looove treehouses!“, deep astonishment „can you live on that?“ to skeptical remarks „somebody doesn’t wanna grow up here, Peter Pan, huh?“. We bring light into the thickets of enchanted treehouses and answer some questions about this topic.

FAQ #9

  1. What’s the most exciting part of your profession?
    Each time it gives us great pleasure to see how from a first idea a great result evolves in a relatively short amount of time. Which ideally surpasses the clients expectations. When every member of our team had the chance to contribute with his/her specific skills and we all can look back on another challenge accomplished, we feel our inner corks pop.
  2. Impudent question: what about the Peter Pan Syndrome with you or your clients?
    I think it’s more like our clients and us were able to take the joy of being a child with us into our lives as grown-ups. Once you climb up a treehouse you’re in another world. Everybody can feel that, no matter the age.
  3. Can you live on building treehouses?
    As a matter of fact, we’ve been doing exactly that for over ten years now, so it seems to work somehow. More and more people notice that a nice place of retreat outdoors has a lot more to offer than other material goods. Possession possesses, a treehouse inspires.
  4. Christopher, are you still building bonsai-treehouses?
    No, I haven’t been building any for the last eight years. Building real treehouses you can really use is more satisfying in the long run. Even if you can’t balance the beam for a real treehouse on your fingertip.
  5. Christopher & Miriam, can you see yourself running your own treehouse-hotel one day?
    Oh yes, absolutely. Preferably in an oak forest with direct access to a lake or the sea, open air cinema and there’s live music every night. At the double bass: the bear. At the drums: the woodpecker. At the guitar: the vixen and at the bassoon: the racoon (or: at the cornet: the hornet)


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