Dragons for tea

The white steam of hot teacups is glowing in the backlight of the sun. Cake crumbs fall out of laughing mouths, there is joking, frolicking and laughing. Squirrels hop past the windows in search of nuts. In the shadow of the ancient oak tree it is pleasantly cool, even in the summer. The cozy sheepskin is used in every season. The kind hosts can turn the seating corner into a comfortable bed for tired guests.


But watch out! In the dawn the elevated teahouse turns into a dark dragon cave. While at home dinner is simmering on the stove, wild little dragon-tamers are taking over the treehouse. In the search of a fire-spitting tomboy they’re going through every cookie jar, cake leftovers and chocolate cream glass. Very well possible that one is hiding in there. One is hissing, everyone else is taking cover. There’s one sliding down the firemans pole, another i hiding behind the secret door. There’s still some room under the bed. The bravest takes on the trap door. Suddenly they’re all feeling pretty tame. And they now wanna eat something first.



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