Capsule of coziness

Pine-long nights and cold biting us in the toes. We wish for nothing more than warmth, quietness and comfort. Where is our cozy above time and space tree-capsule? It sits enthroned 8 feet above ground under a majestic lime tree.


Like a steaming cup of tea, the microsphere doesn’t only offer us cozy togetherness, but also the necessary kick towards adventure. Outside we chase each other in circles – up the spiral staircase, once around the platform, over the suspension bridge, around the octagonal house and down the rope ladder.


Inside we relax on a convertible bench seat with tailor-made upholstery. The sand colored clay plaster creates a nice warm atmosphere. We fetch some reading, lambswool blankets and gingerbread out of spaceous drawers. We enjoy the all-round view of the winter forest. Pine-long nights and warmth, pinching us gently in our hearts.


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