FAQ #8 – Infos all around the treehouse

This time we present short and sweet answers to those questions you could fill books with.


FAQ #8
  1. Can you declare a treehouse to a permanent residence? 
    Yes, if the building is approved there should be nothing standing in the way for a residential permit. Due to the regionally different regulations contact your local building authority.
  2. What are the do’s and dont’s of treehouse building?
    DO: Respect the tree as a living being. That means building your treehouse without affecting the trees growth and movement. Use preferably natural materials to treat the tree and his environment with care. Look at our FAQ #5 for further information.
    DON’T: Don’t take your laptop, tablet, mobile phone up to the trees. Only then the treehouse can reveal its full effect.
  3. What is the process from request to idea generation to treehouse building? 
    We start with a meeting with the client. There we inspect the possible site, take measurements and talk about the desired shape and dimension of the treehouse. Then we create a design with an offer. In the ideal case the completed treehouse stands in your garden no later than eight to 12 weeks after the contract has been signed. If you need a building permit though, it could also take a year until the first chips fall.
  4. Did you ever build a treehouse elevator? 
    I’m afraid not! But there are ingeniously inventions of other threehouse building colleagues. Have a look at i.e. the brillant bicycle elevator. But we build the most sophisticated spiral staircases!
  5. Has anybody of your team ever fallen from a tree? 
    Not until now, no. I hope things will stay that way. If you take all the necessary safety precautions, it shouldn’t happen. Top priority: Work in serenity. Don’t ever rush through your project!
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