Adventure lurks under the wild cherry tree

A fresh sea breeze sweeps through the artfully designed park with its old tree population. There a treehouse snuggles under a wild cherry tree like a „Heidschnucke“ sheep. Curious as it is, it peeks out from under it. A shy yawning, then it stretches out its 12 foot long suspension bridge. It receives little visitors on its crows nest who climbed up the ships ladder. The bunch of rascals whirls around the ash tree once and sways over the bridge freehand.


With open doors, warm lighting and laid table the treehouse welcomes its Drummels* and Knoettwroeters**. Well-fed and with red cheeks they rise from the corner bench, climb up the ladder to the sleeping loft and snuggle up in thick down duvets. They tell scary storys to each other until someone starts snoring.


In the morning fog they have a quick breakfast, adventure is calling. The treehouse sends off the Knoettwroeters down the fire pole. The Drummels swish down the 120 feet long zip line all the way to the willow tree. Over the fragrant flowering meadow they all run towards a majestic oak tree. One half claims the two swings, hanging down from a branch 12 feet up in the air. The others push as strong as they can for them to fly always higher. You can’t be closer to heaven.


*cheeky girls


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