Europes first treehouse shop!

Everybody who wants to build a treehouse for her/himself is at some point going to come across questions like: „Is my tree qualified for a treehouse? How big can the treehouse get? Do I need special tools? If yes, where can I get them?“ and so on. Research on the internet is time-consuming and usually you don’t find the information you need and the proper tools right away.


Vitus Wahllaender, treehouse-builder and -engineer at baumbaron, made sure that changed radically. He runs  “The Treehouse Shop“ – Europes first online store for professional treehouse supplies. In his shop you don’t only find high-quality tools, tested and recommended by professional treehouse-builders, but also the required and established know-how you need for the DIY-project.


The origin of the shop roots in Vitus bachelor thesis as structural engineer with the tree-long title „Treehouses – analysis and optimization of attachment technologies in consideration of tree-statics and tree-biology“. During his work at the desk he realizes his first own treehouse for his inner balance.


At the same time he meets Johannes Schelle, the founder of baumbaron. Very soon after he completes the team as apprentice. On the 20th World-Treehouse-Conference 2016 in Oregon/USA he presents his bachelor thesis to Michael Garnier, Pete Nelson and team to further develop the American treehouse-bolt for the European market. The conference participants feedback is highly positive and approving. As a result Vitus comes up with the idea to open an online store for the European market. Back home he and his team further develop the German treehouse-bolt to full market-maturity. The Treehouse Shop is born!


Vitus in Sequoia National Park, Oregon


At the Worldwide Treehouse Conference 2016 in Takilma, Oregon …


… Vitus introduces the German treehouse-bolt to Michael Garnier & his audience


Treehouse hardware you can get at Vitus’ shop


The German treehouse-bolt, successfully stress tested


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    Marianne Kistrup Therkildsen

    Is it possible to get anybodies expertice on som drawings? I was refered to this site from Jake from Nelson treehouse and supply since they don’t ship internationally / denmark and you guys do, but I cant seem to find a website or a way to contact you guys? Sincerly Marianne who’s really hoping for a little help to find a place to buy supplies – happily driving to germany from copenhagen if shipping is not possible 🙂

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