FAQ #6 – Infos all around the treehouse

FAQ #6

  1. No tree, no treehouse. Is that right?
    Well, in case of the clients longing for a treehouse being bigger than the tree, we always find a solution. That means that also a stilthouse can be a wonderful treehouse. Just by walking a few steps up and having a nice view in the middle of nature, you will quickly get a treehouse-feeling. Also when a tree is too weak or too small to bare or share the load of a treehouse, we can still build the platform around the tree.
  2. Does a private treehouse need to be checked by the TÜV (safety check)?
    This is a Germany-specific question with a Germany-only answer, but no, just treehouses on public playgrounds, kindergardens or treehouse-hotels need a safety check. Of course all our treehouses would pass that check anyway, though.
  3. What do I need to keep in mind when I want to include the tree in my treehouse?
    It is important that the trees movement and growth is not restricted in any way. You won’t be able to really waterproof any penetration of branches or trunks, because a tree is not a static thing but a moving and growing being. Also we don’t want to block the ants and other animals way to work. When you decide for the tree in your treehouse, you also decide for its inhabitants.
  4. What’s the actual lifetime of a treehouse?
    With a little tender loving care you can spend your childhood, youth and your wedding night in one and the same treehouse. The following generation might have to change an occasional board or expand the treehouse. The treehouses distance to the ground and constructive wood protection prevent the moisture from staying where it shouldn’t be. Therefore the wood used for the treehouse will last a long time.
  5. Do you also build treehouses as permanent residences?
    We certainly would, but the only ones I know of so far are in the US. If a client would ask us to build one to live in it, we would definitely be in!


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