The 20th World Treehouse Conference

What a great conference! Last sunday Christopher and I got back from the USA and with us the good old Jetlag and a little post-travel-blues, just because it’s been so nice. The 20th World Treehouse Conference was our highlight, wrapped in an adventurous roadtrip with a substantial wingspan all the way from Victoria B.C. to Takilma, Oregon. We’ve got a lot of stories to tell, a single blogpost just wouldn’t be enough.


This year the conference took place October 7th-9th, located again at Out’n’About, Michael Garniers Treehouse-Resort in Takilma, Oregon. The conference is not only for treehouse pros, but for all who are interested in trees and their housings or those who even want to build their own treehouse. This time many different nations were represented (USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, Norway, Netherlands), which I found was very nice. Among the participants were not only Christopher and me, but apart from Rainer the whole Baumbaron-team – Johannes, Vitus and Tim.


Although the conference gains some volume each year, just like a tree, it was manageable and very personal. In three days we had enough time to meet new friends and renew old friendships.


From tree biology to building treehouses on TV the lectures and workshops varied widely. Here’s a short overview:


Michael Garnier and Jake Jacob: expert knowledge from up to 25 years of building treehouses
Scott Baker and Casey Clapp: tree biology
Michael Garnier and Vitus Wahllaender/Christopher Richter: Bracketree, discussion and demonstrations
Ryan/J’Sun/Jake/Dave Stice: Rigging Basics


Philip van Wassenaer: tree biology and pulling tests
Tom Cudleigh and Malte Jacob: Free Spirit Spheres
Pete Nelson: treehouse design
Michael Garnier and Nabil Taha: treehouse construction
Barefoot Murph: building treehouses as a spiritual and revolutionary practice


Michael Garnier, Pete Nelson, Daryl McDonald, Jake Jacob and team: building treehouses on TV


In the course of the next weeks we will dig deeper into some of the topics.



An atmosphere like at the Ewoks home


The grand opening


Vitus sharing his thoughts on Michaels “Garnier Limb”, standing left: Christopher


Vitus sitting in his favorite vehicle


Me feeling small …


…but the legends may feel even smaller. Top: Scott Baker, Pete Nelson; bottom: Jake Jacob, Michael Garnier

Images by courtesy of ourselves

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