Main actor? This treehouse!

This wild treehouse, all entwined with ivy, is soon going to play the lead role in a touching german family movie. We won’t tell you which one it is now. This secret will be disclosed when the next springs blossoms are sprouting.


The challenge of this project was that it had to appear like it was built by the kids together with their dad. Also it had to look like it’s been there forever. At the same time it had to be solid enough to hold the film crew and the actors.


Up in 12 feet above the ground this treehouse sits enthroned in the middle of an enchanted garden on the lakefront of lake Ammersee, which looks like Lewis Carroll had conceived his fairy tales there. When entering the spacious garden it wouldn’t have been surprising if the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland had appeared and asked to hurry.


Only 6 by 10 feet in size, the little adventure hut is connected to another platform by a 15 feet long suspension bridge. We built the little gem all according to the specifications the set designers gave us. They then will partly disassemble it during shooting to make it appear like the kids are just building it themselves.












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