FAQ #4 – infos all around the treehouse

Bigger, higher, heavier – today in our FAQ-series it’s all about treehouse-buildings superlatives:

FAQ #4

  1. In which countries do you build your treehouses?
    In all countries of the world! So far we’ve built in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We get requests from overseas every now and then, but they’re all still in the planning stage.
  2. How big can treehouses get?
    The maximum size depends on the trees, if you want to build on trees only. You can build quite a castle if there are some big and strong ones. If there are stilts or posts involved there’s no real limit. The biggest treehouse of the world is in the US with over 10.000 square feet spread over more than 10 levels. Generally spoken it should fit its environment without overwhelming it.
  3. How high can you go with a treehouse?
    If you take a look at the Korowai-people on Papua New Guinea who build up to 160 feet high up in the canopies without engineers or screws, I don’t have a problem saying: as high as you want and the trees allow you to do!
  4. How big is the biggest treehouse you’ve build so far?
    I think around 450 square feet. It’s handicapped accessible and therefore had to be very spacious
  5. And what’s the maximum weight a treehouse shouldn’t exceed?
    The special bolts (TAB’s) we use a lot allow us to put very strong and also heavy constructions up in the tree, sometimes weighing several tons, without the tree’s health being affected in any way.

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