City pirate spotted in Munich!

In the heart of Munich a little robbers nest has been erected in an inconspicious backyard. A true wolf in sheeps clothing or better: it looks more innocent than it is. The seven years old owner is now in charge of wild adventures for which we came up with some features…


First of all a professional city pirate needs several ways in and out, to be able to escape from unwanted intruders like curious parents, wild dogs or kissing princesses. For this the buccaneer can dash up the ramp or bolt up the ladder and through the lockable hatch straight into his nest.


The house is well protected against wild weather by a thatched roof and features a lookout platform framed by a net-railing. A stable lamp shows the pirate the way to his biggest treasure: his cozy bunkbed.


The city pirate can hide his loot (or himself if necessary) in the treasury which is disguised as a tool shed under the treehouse. Ahoy!



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