Beam yourself into this whimsy treehouses

An incurable dreamer – that’s what the artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz calls himself. He created this wondrous miniature treehouses out of little pieces of wood, wool, miniature artworks and smallest furniture. They gently nestle to potted plants and bonsai trees. If you move closer, they invite you to a short break in the parallel universe. With precisely worked windmills, ladders, window shutters and blinds, handrails, sun sails, swinging tires and all sorts of everyday objects Jedediah lets his sculptures come alive.


“If these houses can help folks stop and imagine themselves in a more magical place for a while, then I’m doing something right,” Jedediah lets us know about his treehouse series “Somewhere Small”.  About the invitation to use your own imagination I want to share a wonderful quote of Milan Kundera with you: “Regardless of age, we go on being children, because in life we are always encountering new things that challenge us to understand them, instances where a practised imagination is actually more useful than all laboriously acquired knowledge.” Or as Albert Einstein has put it: “Fantasy is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited.”


So far he has created around 25 of his miniature-sculptures. His crafting skills come from over a decade of experience as set designer, his enthusiasm for plants and miniature housings dates back to his childhood. Even as a young boy he built several castles and hideaways for his action figures in potted plants – some of them even were connected with ziplines and communication cables.


Today his house resembles a green garden and there’s hardly any plant between whose branches and leaves you wouldn’t find an architectural gem. His works range from meditation-platforms over windmills to adventurous viewing towers. Here you can purchase his sculptures on consignment, as a first step to your big treehouse so to speak.


About the artist

Jedediah Corwyn Voltz creates, draws and illustrates in his studio in Silverlake, California. His art is influenced by alternative futures and parallel universes. Find more works here and there.
PS.: Did you know Christopher built some bonsai treehouses as well? This one for instance.
Images by courtesy of Jedediah Corwyn Voltz

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