Where the muse doesn’t stop to kiss you

When writing, I like to go to inspiring places: in crowded coffee houses, following an old Viennese tradition, in green parks once it gets warmer, on our little oasis on the porch or I go down to the river. But when I discovered the stilt house by the young architect Nozomi Nakabayashi, I thought treehouse-blogposts are written nowhere better then here, right?


Just last summer an author commissioned Nozomi Nakabayashi to build this special retreat. Together with a small team she built this cozy 86 sq. ft. stilt house with two stories in an idyllic oak forest in England. First the external structure was prefabricated in the workshop, then the team assembled everything on site. The cabin was cladded with local cedar wood and insulated with cork panels. The structure is made of douglas fir, the windows are made of recycled glass.


From the elevated platform a steap ladder leads up to the main room through a hatch. Inside you have a wonderful view to the oak forest, wild animals passing by and the lake in a distance. Behind the big glass front another terrace with a low railing is hiding.


With its minimalistic interior this inspiring little house is equipped with everything an author needs: a simple desk, a little woodstove for cold days and a lowered sleeping place, just in case the muse kisses him late – or just won’t stop kissing him. Altogether it reminds me of a Japanese teehouse with its oversized roof and its low interior, doesn’t it?


Also take a look at this treehouse, built by Baumbaron for an author at the bank of the lake Staffelsee.










Pictures by courtesy of Henrietta Williams, layout by Nozomi Nakabayashi.

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