A look over the shoulder in Sindelfingen

Between two mighty sequoias with 5 ft. in diameter a very special bed is waiting for its guests. Finally that is, we had to wait a long time for the building permit on this one. We were compensated with sunshine all through the build and our team was spoiled by the clients by every trick in the book.


The guest-treehouse is accessible via two ways, either directly from the bedroom in the main house over a bridge, or from the garden up a nicely curved spiral staircase. When the rain is drumming on the roof, you can smell the pleasant scent of the cedar shingles. When there is no rain but shine, you can enjoy the last sunrays on the treehouse porch.


This time we are also finally able to present a video of the treehouse construction. Fabian Rittmeier and our carpenter Tim captured the whole thing in time lapse mode with a GoPro. This way, please!


IMG_1213 Kopie

IMG_1225 Kopie

IMG_4847 Kopie

IMG_1233 Kopie

IMG_4851 Kopie

IMG_1234 Kopie

IMG_1224 Kopie


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