FAQ#1 – What you always wanted to know about treehouses

For all who’d love to have a treehouse but don’t know where to start: from today on there’s the brand new category „FAQ – Infos all around the treehouse“. When Christopher and me talk about treehouses, most of the times the eyes of the others begin to shine and thousands of questions patter on our treehouse roof like warm tropical rain. We are very happy about that and that’s why we compiled the most common questions. We will periodically supply you with manageable little forests of five questions. Here comes the first:


FAQ #1

  1. Treehouse? Houses on trees, or what?
    Yeah, exactly. Most of the time we build our treehouses on trees, whether as playhouse for kids, retreat for the grown-ups or hotel. But we also do stilthouses, if there’s no appropriate tree. To be surrounded by trees and to hover a little above ground really is enough to get a real treehouse feeling. If there’s a tree growing through your platform, you’re squirrels neighbour already.
  2. Which tree is the best for treehouses?
    For us personally, Oak trees are our favorite treehouse-trees. They’re very sturdy and long-living, otherwise it’s: the harder the wood, the better a support it will be. Beech trees, Chestnut trees, Ashes and any other fruit tree, but also full-grown Firs, Cedar trees or Pines are fine. You’d rather not go for delicate and soft-wooden trees like Birch trees or Poplars.
  3. How about building permissions?
    Privately used treehouses normally don’t require a building permission, as long you play it by the rules, which differ from state to state. Your local building authority sure is willing to help you there. You should for example comply with the minimum distance to your neighbours property and not exceed the legal maximum size of a permission-free building. In any case we strongly recommend you to talk to your neighbours in advance to avoid having to tear the whole treehouse-dream down later. Commercially or publicly used treehouses always require a building permission, there’s no way around it. Here you need persistance and a certain affinity for bureaucracy. Most likely you will also get in touch with the nature conservation authority and find yourself learning about things like fire prevention, escape routes, hygiene regulations, etc. We’re happy to provide you with support during the approval procedure and all upcoming questions.
  4. How long does it take to build a treehouse?
    That always depends of course. Take for example a little playhouse, roughly 6 by 9 feet plus porch and one level, up to a more elaborate treehouse built by housing standards, roughly 12 by 18 feet plus porch and two levels. That would take us around 5 and 30 days of prefabricating in our shop and the same time again to raise the whole thing on location. Before we start building, of course we have to draw and tune a sketch and the plan. If you do it yourself: make a plan! It takes three times as long without one.
  5. We want a treehouse from you! How do we get in touch?
    Just send us an email or give us a call so we can answer the first questions before setting an appointment for the site visit. During your site visit we can already determine what is possible – as well regarding the local factors as well as budget-wise. You can find all infos at  www.baumbaron.de.


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