A witch’s treehouse spotted in Munich!

I’m quite sure 2016 will be a magic year. At the end of last year we built a sorcerous witch-treehouse at a secret place in Munich.  Hidden between two ashes, the little witch’s cottage with re-used siding blends in harmoniously in the garden. There’s enough space in the mysterious cabin to stash medicinal herbs, magic potions and the case with all the pranks and through the diamond window kids can keep an eye on the brooms flying around or approaching parents. A black cat with ruffled fur keeps watch on the rooftop.  The highlight is a curved slide or optionally broomflight-corridor. With that, modern wizards can quickly switch into a parallel universe or swoosh home for dinner really fast. All this makes it equipped with everything a modern witch’s cottage needs. Madam Mim and Magica de Spell would be jealous.







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