The Lowline – the world’s first underground park

„What if in New York City there was a subterranean Low Line Park below the ingenious High Line Park?“ I think during our stroll along the old railroad tracks in West Village. Back home in Munich at the kitchen table we read about the world’s first Sub-Park soon to be opened in NYC.


„How can we build more green space in our cities? What if the answer lay just below our feet?“ ask James Ramsey and Dan Barasch of the New York-based architectural studio RAAD, responsible for the idea and realization of this great project.


A subterranean park – is that possible? Yes, using the latest solar technology the Low Line is capable of turning an abandoned subway station into a blooming jungle. In a test lab only two blocks away you can already find out how the sunlight is going to be directed into the underground to transform this forgotten place into a subterranean public park flooded with light. In this old market hall experiments are being performed in a setting resembling the planned Low Line.


The Lab sees itself as an open live-experiment and exhibition space which each weekend is open to the public. During the week kids are invited to learn everything about the science, technology, mathematics, art and engineering behind The Low Line within The Young Designers Program. It is also used as an „intergenerational community hub“ and „Inspiration for transformative power of innovation“.


Here is a little sneak preview of the mole garden:



A mysterious entrance to a green world


RAAD shows in its high-grade renderings …


… a vision of a green city …


… which enlivens abandoned places …


… to make cities even more liveable.


A standard for the future?


In the heart of the test lab guests can learn more …


…. about The Lowlines science and technology.

Pictures by courtesy of James Ramsey

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