Noma Bar – Birds Eye View

Just recently a fabulous bird raises its wings on a clearing at the Momofuku Ando Center in Komoro. Its creator is the illustrator Noma Bar from Israel. He is the seventh and first non-japanese artist who has been invited by the art centers trust to participate in the „Treehouse Project“ to build an observation deck in the surrounding forest.


Going for a walk is Noma Bars source of inspiration: two autumn leaves, resembling the shape of a bird, the way they’re crossed into another. After he had tried several constellations, he finally finds the perfect arrangement of form and function.


The Birds Eye View arises – 27 feet above ground. Built entirely from wood, a trunk of a tree serves as support. A team of 20 carpenters is involved in the hatch of this wondrous birdy. „Keeping the visual storytelling of my work and translating an architectural form in to a surrounding, in which visitors interact witch the structure, both visually and as functioning observation deck“ was very important for Noma Bar.


Looking at the treehouse from a distance, you clearly see a giant, graceful bird. If you dare to get closer, two falling leaves become visible, in whose hollow space a steep stairway leads upwards. If you follw it, you immediately land in the birds head, a little bit like in „Being John Malkovich“. The roofed platform offers a wonderful eagles view all the way to Asama, an active volcano. For the small appetite you should definitely bring som mice and nuts.


About Noma Bar:

„Maximal communication with minimal elements“ – these words describe Noma Bars artistic ambitions best. The Israeli illustrator studied Graphic Design and Typography at the Jerusalem Academy of Art & Design and lives in London since 2001. He became known for his publications „The many faces of Noma Bar“ and „Negative Space“.



Bars source of inspiration


The final draft in 2D …

Noma Bar_BEV model side

… and as a 3D model

Noma Bar_BEV process 5

A team of 20 carpenters helped to bring this bird to life

Noma Bar_BEV front & side

Is it a bird or two leaves?

Noma Bar_BEV front

Feeling a bit like in “Being John Malkovich”

Noma Bar_BEV sitting

A truly satisfied Noma Bar …

Noma Bar_BEV tail

… is visiting his bird

Photos by courtesy of Noma Bar

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