Arrr! Treehouse by the shore

Today we celebrate a small anniversary: our 130th treehouse is completed! Three brave girls between three and five years of age are now owners of a very special treehouse.

The two-story house looks like it’s been there since the girls birth, as grown-in and familiar it is with its surrounding. Also fabulous is the location. In the heart of nature and by the shore of a lake, it stands on five full-grown beech trees at 10 feet off the ground.

A self supporting spiral staircase meanders around a trunk to the platform. From there you enjoy an excellent view over the water to the mountains behind. This is very important since you can keep a close eye to approaching pirate ships, Loch Nessies or overly attached parents.

On the other side of the house a suspension bridge leads to a second, smaller platform. So when you happen to be in a hurry, have to flee or simply are very hungry, you can take the fast way down the fireman’s pole from there. Over a climbing net you return back up.

Inside the treehouse a spiral staircase leads up to the second floor. There you can make yourself comfortable with some blankets and pillows or use them to defend your fort. Our highlight: with a 115 feet long Flying Fox you can speed seawards.










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