Miniature treehouses!

These beautiful miniature treehouses from CALAFANT made of cardboard are suited to bridge the time to the kids first very own treehouse in the garden, or to just play and arrange. You can choose from three different models. They can be easily attached without any glue and even unpainted they are very nice to look at! Just put a little light source in them and you have a beautiful night light. You’ll have to look them up on the internet, they’re kind of hard to find in the US.


D2503X_Baumhaus_00_300 K2000X_Ki.KA_Baumhaus_00_300 K2000X_Ki.KA_Baumhaus_01_300 L 1000X - Pipas Baumhaus, weiß Pipas Baumhaus_Image1(72)

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