It’s done!

The treehouse from the last post is completed! Inside, a bunkbed is waiting for visitors. Bedded in soft blankets with a view in the trees you will be able to dream very fine. The big porch and the roof terrace both offer a beautiful view on the lake, after dawn an old lantern from a barn in Rajasthan illuminates everything around with soft candlelight. All the windows and doors are antique, partly reclaimed from bavarian farmhouses. The weathered siding gives the treehouse a nice “ingrown” look.

IMG_6895 IMG_6900 IMG_6902 IMG_6903 IMG_6904 IMG_6907 IMG_6909 IMG_6911 IMG_6913 IMG_6915 IMG_6918 IMG_6919 IMG_6922 IMG_6924 IMG_6925 IMG_6932

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