I just came back from my tour shooting pictures for our next big project!

Last week I traveled hundreds of kilometers all across Germany and Switzerland, to take pictures of our most stunning treehouses. There is this secret project we’re currently working on, you know. On my trip I met many satisfied treehouse-owners, I was entertained very good and I have to say, the treehouses become more and more beautiful as they age: they get grown around and weathered and fully integrated by the tree – between the branches and leaves they have slowly become part of the tree. I’m looking forward to the next part of this trip, I hope the weather will be as fantastic as it was again. Here are some first impressions:

IMG_7261_for-web IMG_7355_for-web IMG_7406_for-web IMG_7283_for-web

Oh yeah, those three inseparable fellas also came by for a shooting…

All pictures © Christopher Richter 2014

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