A few questions about treehouses to Matt & Roxy

This is part two of the treehouse interviews, part one being Moki. Matt & Roxy, whose work was featured here on this blog, now took the time to answer some questions. They didn’t answer my question who they’d refuse access to their treehouse, so I guess it’s part of the Hawaiian lifestyle to welcome everybody. Or maybe it’s just been overlooked. Anyway, here is what they say:

Did you have a treehouse as a child?
Roxy: I had a treehouse in a Plumeria tree as a child. It was square with a little balcony, and my mom had sewn me flower-printed curtains. My dad also cut me a piece of carpet to make my treehouse cozy.

Would you like to have your own treehouse?
We would love to have our own treehouse.

What would be ideal spot for the treehouse of your dreams?
Our ideal location for a treehouse would be in an area called Pupukea on the North Shore of Oahu.

In what kind of tree would it be/is it?
We would build it in a mango tree.

Can you imagine to/do you live in your treehouse?
It would be great to live in the tree if we could figure out the plumbing!

Is there anything you wouldn’t want to miss in your treehouse?
It would be great if the treehouse had wifi 🙂

Is there a special someone you would like to invite up to your treehouse and why?
We would invite our friends and family for bbqs and patio picnics.

What band would you like to play music for you on your porch on a friday night?
I think we would probably just have a mellow night of guitar strumming with friends.

What would be the perfect treehouse-drink?
Ice-cold lemonade.

What would be the ideal treehouse-breakfast?
Waffles, eggs and fresh fruit.

What book would you like to take up to your treehouse?
We would take up some Calvin and Hobbes books.

What, in your opinion, does a treehouse stand for?
We think that the treehouse stands for youth and whimsy, a carefree feeling of play. It can also be a place of escape, to enjoy being alone with nature.

Thanks a lot, Matt & Roxy! 

Matthew and Roxanne Ortiz (A.K.A. Wooden Wave) are a creative team known for their hand-drawn aesthetic that reflects the playful island lifestyle of Hawaii. The art of Wooden Wave engages the viewer’s imagination with environments that present a whimsical take on development and sustainability. Born and raised on different islands, Roxanne grew up in Maui, while Matt hails from Oahu. The couple collaborates on many projects, including paintings, prints, murals and their clothing line. Together their work represents a merging of styles and interests, especially drawn from their love of surfing and a deep connection to nature.

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