„Okay let’s meet in the big tree in your thoughts“. The treehouses of Moki.

In many works of Moki, a Berlin based artist, trees are to be found either as an essential part, or sometimes just in the background. Among her latest drawings, the `Shelter´ series from 2013, painted on wood veneers, also are some treehouses. While trees in her cartoon-like narrated stories often already function as places of desire, in which you, whatever creature you might be, find protection and a feeling of security, the treehouses in her paintings are the inevitable result from this perception of trees and wood as material. Through their reliability, their constancy, their impertubable presence and the strength that emanates from them, trees impart their ability to provide shelter, a home, even away from home. Also processed and used as building material many people love being surrounded by trees and feed on their natural energy, some knowingly, some unknowingly. Incorporating wood in works of her `Shelter´ series, Moki gives the people in her paintings what they appear to be needing most: protection coming from something they can trust. A reliable shell that prevents them from nakedness, from being exposed. The treehouse becomes an ideal projection surface for human basic needs and everybody who has ever been up a treehouse knows that it always keeps its promise. Thanks Moki!
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All pictures by courtesy of Moki.

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