Just Around the Corner

Mixed hardwood saplings, 100′ long.

Just Around the Corner is located in New Harmony, Indiana; a town founded by the Harmonist in 1814 as a utopian community and celebrated today for its historic architecture. The town consists of a classic early 20th century small town main street superimposed on the rustic homes and religious meeting houses of the town’s first era. The sculpture was cosponsored by the New Harmony Gallery, a satellite gallery of the University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN and the downtown historic redevelopment corporation. Specifically the sculpture is located on the site of the New Harmony’s historic “village commons” at the corner of Main and Church Street. This property has a row of vigorous looking young Hornbeam trees which begin at a right angle to Main Street and runs along Church Street.

I imagined intertwining a sculpture into these Hornbeam trees in such a way as to suggest that a fanciful street of twig buildings lay just around the corner from the town’s brick storefronts. I took inspiration from the abandoned Navaho cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde in New Mexico with their evocative doorways. I also tried to blend this sculpture into the streetscape by mimicking the door and window patterns of the nearby buildings as well as relying on the mass of upper branches and green leaves of the Hornbeam tree to provide an exuberant natural roofline. The sculpture is expected to remain one year.

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