The hanging nests from Hang-in-out, inspired by the weaver bird

The weaver bird builds its hanging nests weaving together plant fiber, feathers or wool in a very elaborate way. He does it to win a female over before the mating season begins. Sometimes he even builds several kinds, so the lady can pick the most beautiful. Maybe as a human, with one of the presented “Cacoon”s, you can bewitch your adored one too, but I’m sure you can spend your time in there just fine all by yourself. You can use them as a hammock, as swinging chair or bed, you can relax, read, sleep, etc… Folded up you can take it anywhere you want, find a limb of some tree or a beam at a beautiful spot and hang out there a little. How cozy it must be to dangle there in the shadow of a tree, or above a lake or the sea and doze. More information and the “order now!” button on


Cacoon5lrCacoon3lr Cacoon7lrCacoon15lr

All photos by courtesy of hang-in-out Llp.

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