The build it yourself-treehouse from the Netherlands, a tree-friendly urinal and the boombank!

Sam van Veluw and Rogier Martens from Utrecht, Netherlands, came up with the idea to develop a temporary treehouse which you can assemble in 30-45 minutes, and always be able to remove and reassemble at any place.  I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, but it looks like it could work!

DIY Treehouse

Fifty of these tree-friendly urinals where produced by the two designers for the 2011 Roskilde Festival in Denmark, where, as is well known, quite a number of beer is consumed. That should have been a significant test. The urinals are either connected to a sewage or they lead into separate tanks, anyway the tree is protected from to much pollution that way.


The Boombank (treebench) was developed for the community of Amersfort, NL, and is pretty much self describing.

All pictures by courtesy of AANDEBOOM.

treebench 4


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