Pete Nelson and his crew, treehousebuilders from Fall City, WA.

they build fantastic treehouses, run a beautiful treehousehotel at the banks of the Raging River, Fall City, WA, USA and they offer very informative and fun workshops. Plus they’re good friends!

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    R treehouse builder

    Hi, I’ve built a treehouse with large branches passing through a shingle roof, with a gap around the branches allowed for growth/movement. Have you got any tips about how to plug the gap between the roof and the branch?

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      Hi there, thanks for your message! One method of sealing the gap we’ve made good experiences with is to take a big enough inner tube, cut it open and wrap it around the branch kinda like a skirt . Use a rubber strap or an adjustable bracket to hold it in place. Maybe even put some silicone caulking in the cracks of the bark. Then pull the other end of the inner tube over the roof and staple it down or use screws with sealing washers. That should do the job pretty good in most cases. From our experience there’s no way to get it 100% waterproof, because the tree is moving and growing. But it’s a treehouse! Maybe it should be that way.

      I hope I could be of help,

      P.S.: don’t forget to spread the word about this blog! THX 🙂

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