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Welcome to! This blog is run by Miriam Rueggeberg, treehouse-enthusiast and copywriter, and Christopher Richter, treehouse builder. Our intention is to bring people together, who are passionate about treehouses. With our ever-growing collection of articles and stories, ideas and reports about treehouses, treehouse-dreams and inspiring links to even more treehouses, we would like to help people make a dream come true. To the trees!


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    Casey Elliott

    Hello Christopher!

    I’m a producer with Stiletto Television in the US. We produce Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters – featuring your friend Pete Nelson 🙂 I’d love to speak with you further regarding a potential future project.

    If this is of interest, please email me at the address provided.

    Thanks so much!

    Casey Elliott
    Development Associate Producer
    Stiletto Television

  2. 2
    Dan Millington

    Hi Christopher,

    Love the blog! Those creations by Patrick Dougherty are strangely enchanting, I hadn’t seen them before so thanks for that. Not quite the same as a traditional ‘in the trees’ type treehouse but great nonetheless.

    I actually work in this industry, I work for a company called Blue Forest ( in the UK. I don’t know if you’ve heard of us? Either way, part of my job is to gain a little more exposure for us online, hence me getting in contact. I would love to get an article written on one of our projects, would this be of interest? I’m more than happy to write the article or provide any relevant imagery for your blog.

    You don;t know me, so I appreciate that this is slightly out of the blue but I guess if you don’t ask, you don’t get!



    • 4

      Hi Susan,
      it’s almost impossible to make it 100% leakproof when the tree runs through the roof. A big enough innertube, cut open, wrapped around the tree above the roofing and sealed with some silicone works best from my experience though.
      Good luck,

  3. 5
    elena, Hometreehome

    Hello Christopher, I’m Elena, the editor of the Blog “Hometreehome”. I saw that you are also writing and working with the treehouse. Keep us in contact, maybe one day a big collaboration could start.
    Have a good day,

  4. 7

    I am from Bulgaria, recently came into ownership of a small village shop . Right infront of the shop is a park with some 60 year old trees. Id love for some1 to take a look at some pics i can make and send. Im wide open to suggestions and ideas, i also run a 22km eco trail that starts from the park and where the shop is and runs through the mountains surrounding the village. Melyane is where i live with my wife and kids check out the vies from up high


  5. 8
    Joseph Bellestri


    In my travels I have had the pleasure to be a guest in treehouse hotels in India and Africa. It was such a thrill I have the desire to build one in Uganda. Does anyone on this blog have contacts in Africa with expertise in acquiring the property and building the structure? I doubt I will ever be so fortunate to find a contractor with such attention to detail as Treehouse Masters but hopefully, I can find a skilled contractor with some experience building treehouses.

    Thanks for all responses.


    • 9

      Hello Joseph,
      thank you very much for your message. We don’t have contacts in Africa but we build treehouses ourselves (check out our work on and wouldn’t hesitate to build a resort in Uganda with you. We would need someone with experience in Africa though. I’m sure I could find the right guys somewhere in the treehouse-community. Just tell me and I’ll see what I can do.
      Best regards from Munich,

    • 12

      Hi Dave, beautiful and impressive little treehouses! They definitely need to be featured here on! Can you send us some more information about you and your work? Do you have a website we can refer to and maybe some more pictures of the treehouses? That would be great!
      Thanks for sharing your work,


  6. 13

    Nice blog and pictures you have here!
    I’m the owner of and I believe we could be complementary. We have have a program for treehouse-bloggers: if your readers book a treehouse with us, you receive a percentage. And I suppose your readers would like to do that! If you’re interested to work with us (in any way – we have more ideas and programs), please let me know. On this page you can read more on our blogger program:
    All the best! And have a great weekend up ahead!
    Warm regards,

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