A clubhouse with room for stories

A clubhouse with room for stories

The kids and teens of the Munich children’s home „Muenchner Kindl-Heim“ can now explore their recently opened treehouse. The curative education center treated its fosterlings with a special retreat in the shadow of a big oak. The two-storied treehouse built by the Baumbaron team stretches over 270 sq. ft. The upper floor seems very dynamic with its angular support.


If you’re looking for a challenge you don’t take the short stairs up the club house but you either climb up the slide or the sliding pole. The spiral staircase, hidden in the central tower lets you leap upstairs. Here you find a porch, from which you have a nice view to the playing field. Stay awake extra long and tell scary stories or sleep like a log in the bunk beds.


On a sunny weekend Christopher and I went on a search for traces and took some pictures. We didn’t see any kids around, but there sure were some muddy footprints on the platform and the slide, indicating intensive use. I wonder what will happen there over the time? A lot of laughing, fooling around, cooking up pranks, exchanging secrets, falling in love, first kisses, forming alliances, scribbling walls, fighting and reconciling and of course all the exciting things which have to remain secrets from grown ups.


P.S.: Next time I will show you the interior, this time they were locked.


Baumbaron: Münchner Kindl-Heim Baumhaus
Baumbaron: Münchner Kindl-Heim Baumhaus2
Baumbaron: Münchner Kindl-Heim Baumhaus3
Baumbaron: Münchner Kindl-Heim Baumhaus12
Baumbaron: Münchner Kindl-Heim Baumhaus4
Baumbaron: Münchner Kindl-Heim Baumhaus11
Baumbaron: Münchner Kindl-Heim Baumhaus10
Baumbaron: Münchner Kindl-Heim Baumhaus9
Baumbaron: Münchner Kindl-Heim Baumhaus5
Baumbaron: Münchner Kindl-Heim Baumhaus13
Photos by courtesy of myself.

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